Rhine Park Duisburg

Landscape Architect: Atelier LOIDL



I was riding the tram in Duisburg, Germany, on my way to see the Tiger and Turtle sculpture, when the the mosaic above caught my eye.  On the way back from Tiger and Turtle I got off the tram to see what was happening here and discovered another post-industrial park here along the Rhine!

On the former site of a steel mill, this new park creates a river-front presence for Duisburg along the Rhine. A beach and riverfront cafe create a waterfront destination for the people of Duisburg, providing recreational access to the river which helped to define the region as an industrial powerhouse.  The park also features expanses of lawn, groves of trees, and a skate park area.

Read more at Landzine

DSCN2259 DSCN2247These striped yellow poles portray a line between the river and the main road, creating a visual connection to the river. The sidewalk is reads “1093 Steps to the Rhine”


Rhine Park Duisburg_05 Rhine Park Duisburg_04 Rhine Park Duisburg_03 Rhine Park Duisburg_02

The mosaic turned out to be made of photographs of Duisburg residents: DSCN2254


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