Nordstern Park, Gelsenkirchen Germany

Another Emscher Landscape, Nordstern Park in Gelsenkirchen was created within the framework of the 1997 National Garden Show. Conversion of the Nordstern Pit into a recreational area created a neighborhood link between communities that had been separated by the coal mine for over a 100 years.


Shaft 2 of the former mine is topped with the sculpture “Hercules of Gelsenkirchen” and the building houses the offices of the company VIVAWEST. Other colliery buildings and warehouses have been adapted to create a business park. The urban redevelopment plan of the site also includes restaurants, apartments, and single family housing.

Read more at European Route of Industrial Heritage

Nordsternpark_Gelsenkirchen_03 Nordsternpark_Gelsenkirchen_02View of coal blending plant from the top of spoil tip


“Generous road axes and sight lines are characteristic  of the park’s landscape… The 1.5 km long main path, extending from the northern edge of the park, cuts a wedge through the spoil tip, opening up the view to the coal blending plant and the coal bunker.” (p.95 Under the Open Sky)

DSCN2443A beer garden at the park.


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