Bercy Village and Parc de Bercy, Paris

Once the “storeroom for the world” the site of  Parc de Bercy was the largest center for wine and spirits in the 19th century and now is the tenth largest park in Paris. Bercy Village is a planned redevelopment of the rows of former storehouses into a pedestrian mall. Bercy Village is one of the most successful urban design adaptive re-use projects that I’ve been through. The “experience economy” is perfectly executed. The former wine storehouses have been adapted to be restaurants and shops, they have  preserved rail tracks that used to connect the store houses to the river front (where wine was being delivered) within the cobble stone thoroughfare, and, conspicuously, the park and village have on exhibit  historic photographs of the former industrious place. The area of the shops is successfully “sticky”  with outdoor cafes, public art and a lively atmosphere that attract people to the place. Because it is off the path of the typical Paris tourist, it is a “working” place, in that it serves the people that live in that part of Paris.

The park itself is composed of three different areas connected by foot bridges, features include rose gardens, vegetable gardens, a vineyard, preserved historical buildings and a modern orangerie. The park is connects across the Seine to the French National Library via a fantastic foot bridge

You can read more at the Bercy Village Website, (if you open with Google Chrome it can translate it to english)

Parc de Bercy_03Parc de Bercy_01 Parc de Bercy_02  Parc de Bercy_04 Bercy Village _01


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